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Head Office
Brown Economic Consulting Inc.
Suite 216, 5718-1A Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0E8
Phone - 403-571-0115
Fax - 403-571-0932
Toll free - 1-800-301-8801
Help line - 1-888-232-2778

Satellite Offices

Brown Economic also has satellite offices in British Columbia (Kelowna) and in the Atlantic provinces (Halifax). These offices permit us to house staff who can meet with counsel in these areas. Ms. Brown manages the British Columbia office, and Dr. Strain (professor at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick) can meet with counsel in the Atlantic areas.

To expedite the delivery of file documents, please forward all information to the HEAD OFFICE in Calgary, AB, CANADA.

To contact someone for assistance in filling out our Diaries of Household Activities, Family Profile Form, or the , please use our toll-free number or our HELP LINES:

Toll-free assistance: 1-800-301-8801
HELP line: 1-888-BEC-ASST [1-888-232-2778]