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Brown Economic Consulting is an economic consulting firm with offices in Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We specialize in the quantification of damages arising from incidents that interrupt earnings such as personal injury, wrongful confinement or imprisonment, wrongful death, wrongful dismissal, sexual assault or medical malpractice and divorce. Unusual actions such as opression, sterilization, defamation and false arrest represent some of the firm's more interesting assignments. Labour economic topics and damages resulting from agricultural disputes or trade barriers, in addition to forecasting agricultural demand, supply and prices in world markets, form the remainder of the firm's work. Since 1991, we have prepared over 20,000 economic assessments and testified in court on more than 150 occasions throughout Canada and the United States.

Brown Economic Consulting completes work for both plaintiffs and defendants and has been concurrently retained by counsel on many occasions. In trials, Brown Economic's reports have been accepted into evidence by counsel's joint agreement on 12 occasions without the need for the principal expert witness to testify.

Brown Economic's expertise is reflected in the number of presentation requests received and articles/papers published every year. Cara Brown's book, Damages: Estimating Pecuniary Loss, is recognized by industry experts as being a blend of case law guidance and economic principles. Our complementary monthly newsletter, Brown's Economic Damages Newsletter, is our way of keeping our clients informed and abreast of all the latest considerations in assessing economic loss.

For further information on any of our services, including economic reports, expert witness testimony or our economic calculators contact:
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