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Affiliates & Experts In Other Fields

Brown Economic Consulting is continually working towards establishing mutually-beneficial affiliations with professionals in various disciplines. The purpose of these relationships is to provide our clients with consistent and complementary information when several experts are retained to work on a single file.

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Cost of Care/Occupational Experts

Occupational therapists are qualified to relay information regarding the plaintiff's physical capacity to perform certain tasks, be they in the workplace or at home. They often prepare cost of care reports, which we use when calculating the future cost of care for a plaintiff. Their reports are also useful for doing loss of housekeeping capacity assessments.

Vocational Experts

Vocational experts are qualified to give evidence regarding a plaintiff's post-accident aptitude to succeed in their pre-accident career paths. They can also assess a person's aptitude for retraining in new careers. These experts typically have psychology backgrounds.